Can I start CCNA with basic knowledge of networking?

Cisco certified networking associate is the worldwide network of internet. It was found by two computer scientist of Stanford University, they founded this by experimenting a program to connect two types of computer devices.

CCNA is a name of a associate level certificate of five levels of program by giving 1 hour 30 minutes written exam held by CCNA for Cisco system. It’s a networking certificate (information technology) in which a person gets a  certificate to work in different fields of networking.  It leads to access of industries organization, connecting network and scaling network. CCNA  consists of network engineers, administrator engineers and network technician.

Cisco is mainly associated with networking and technologies. There are many other Cisco certificates and they are security, industrial plants, clouds, security operations, technologies, wireless, data center and service provider.

Networking is sharing of data or resource with other devices.

There are many online courses, books and Ebooks to learn how to do networking but without passing entrance exam from Cisco you can’t do any networking program. A person should pass an entrance exam held by Cisco. A candidate  should score at least 125 out of 200 or a combined passing score on both the interconnecting Cisco Network Device exams. Once the entry and associate level is  clear then you can opt for next exam with a certain level of training and knowledge. A candidate can apply for advance exam of CCNA and that is CCIE( Cisco certified Internetwork expert) and CCNP ( Cisco Certified network professional) and then Architect.

This exam tests a candidate knowledge, a skill to perform a certain program, operate a network and technologies, design, voice, videos, storage networking, switching and routing, and troubleshoot a small to medium network devices.

CCNA is a very famous franchise which promote Cisco certificate network associate routing and switching device. A candidate can prepare for CCNA exam by preparing CCNAX ( interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Accelerated ) course part one and two.

The test include WAN ( wide area network) topics, like WAN operating system, installing, technologies, networking types and media, and security. It also include WAN technologies with routing and switching of IP addresses, operating IOS devices, WLAN and expanding WAN networking. These test sees a candidate potential for different kind of field work at computer networking. Cisco provide CCNA certificate like,  Wireless, voice and security.

A candidate should have a basic knowledge of computer network program for CCNA. Cisco hold a  certain level of exam and give them training to do different computer networking program. At Networkers Home we provide Best CCNA Training And Placement service